May 28, 2022
Mobile Photography

Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Mobile Photography

The time when editing software is very expensive and creating beautiful images was left exclusive for the pros has come and gone. Now, you can create beautiful images and pictures using your Smartphone. With the current mobile technology, you can create and improve your mobile photography.

Although there are lots of stock images and photos on the internet, you actually create your own sitting at the comfort of your phone with your Smartphone. You don’t have to huge amount of money on an App or photography equipment to create beautiful images and pictures. It can be achieved with your Smartphone and a free download. In this article, you will be provided with a list of quality and affordable ways to improve your mobile photography.

Simple Ways To Improve Your Mobile Photography

The Canva App

There are great things you can achieve with Canva when it comes to images or pictures. It is available as iPhone mobile App or desktop application. Do you need an image for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc; you can create it on Canva. It is often more easy to navigate unlike photoshop. With Canva, you can create flyers, infographics, and any web graphics you can think.

Although there are some paid content there site, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. You can visit to know about this App.


If you are a lover of filter, then this App is for you. The App has huge gallery, thus making it a wonderful option for filters. The App already has all the filters preset; you only have to do a little tweak and get the image or picture how you want it. VSCO has already done the main work; you simply have to add finishing touches to the image. Although it comes with a monthly subscription cost, what you get in return outweighs the price you have to pay. You can visit to know more about this app and what you achieve with it.


This App is a great and wonderful alternative to the VSCO App. Although it offers similar features as seen on VSCO and Snapseed, it is heavy on filters and free to use as well. So, when you need to improve you mobile photography and you don’t have money to subscribe for the VSCO, you can settle for Polarr as it provides similar features.

The Afterlight App

The App is designed to provide and add quality light filters to your photography and comes with different presets available for you. You make your image or photo more beautiful and great using the Afterlight App. There are many packages that come with a price tag if you need an extra tough on your photography to make you pictures or photos shine.

Camera+ for IOS

One of the secrets of good mobile phone photography is quality control of the focus and exposure points. The Camera+ for IOS app allows you to separately control both the focus and exposure points.

ProShot App

This app works for IOS, Android, and Windows phones. It has all auto, program, and manual modes that you can find in the Camera+. The ProShot provides you with control over exposure, ISO, and shutter speed. Another good and important aspect of the ProShop is that it has the ability to separate focus and exposure, same ways with the Camera +.


This is an app for processing images and photos. It allows you to perform your normal workflow and editing in seconds when taking a shot with your mobile phone. This app provides you with a number of options but my pick is the selective contrast and exposure settings. Imagine yourself going into the picture to change the contrast, exposure, and saturation in selected areas of your image.