May 28, 2022
Waterproof Phone Case

The Best Waterproof Phone Cases In 2019

Today, the Smartphone has become one of the top items in use worldwide. In fact, it has become part of our daily lives due to it s vast benefits and functionalities. There are times we find ourselves in an environment that might cause damage to our phone as a result of an unfavorable climate change.

As a phone user, you probably always feel powerless on a rainy day that can affect your phone and activities in general. To prepare before hand, there are lots of waterproof phone cases that you can rely on during a rainy day with full assurance that your phone is protected. You can imagine taking photos with your phone under water without the fear of damaging your phone in the process. That is the feeling the waterproof phone cases gives to you.

In this article, we shall be considering some of the best waterproof phone cases with a wide range of functions.

Best Waterproof Phone Cases

The submariner waterproof phone pouch

This is as best as it can get with protecting your phone from water because it completely gives you phones the protection it needs against water damage. To know if this will fit your phone, you can search the size of your phone on Google against that of iPhone 7. If your phone size is the same or smaller, it will perfectly fit into this submariner waterproof phone case.

You may need to remove your protective case or purchase the KONA PLUS Size for your phone to perfectly fit into this case. This case can be used for iPhone 7, iPhone 6S plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5, S4, S3, and Active Edge+. It also has cases for the ipod Touch, LG G2, HTC One M8, Sony Z1, Nokia Lumia 520, Blackberry Z10, MOTO X, etc. The price range is between $6 – $15.

Vansky Floatable Waterproof Phone Cases

With your floatable waterproof phone case, that comes with an armband and audio jack, you can comfortable embark on any adventure without the fear of rain or water damaging your phone. This piece offers full touch screen functionality for your phone under water. You can take pictures with your phone and have access to your phone screen without removing the waterproof bags. The touch friendly design ensures full functionality of your phone.

Are you a water sport lover? Do you enjoy Boating, wading, surfing, skiing, snow sledding, water polo, sailing, diving, wave riding, canoeing, etc? This waterproof phone case is for you.

The price ranges from $9 to $20, depending on the design and added features that you want.

The classic waterproof phone cases

This is a typical waterproof case for Apple iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, and XS. The Google Pixel and most Samsung Galaxy S phones are protected with this classic waterproof phone cases. You can talk, write, and film through this case. It allows you to make videos under water and your touchscreen will function normally without any problem. The classic waterproof phone cases come with adjustable lanyard.

Considering the international standard waterproofness scale of IPX1 to IPX8, this phone case comes at the highest level of IPX8. It is defined against continuous immersion to the depth of 30ft.

The CaliVase Universal Waterproof Floating Case

This case comes with double layer protection with the highest quality available. The waterproof IPX8 certified up to 100 feet underwater. Aside from the double layer protection, it also makes use of 2 layers of high quality pvc plastic that ensures maximum protection and long term use. The price for this great waterproof phone case is $15.