May 28, 2022
Magnetic Cell Phone Mount

The Best Magnetic Cell Phone Mount In 2019

When you ask those that like to travel, car phone mounts is always a device that comes in handy most of the time. It is often very risky to answer calls why you are on the wheels. You can imagine driving and all of a sudden you need to pull your phone out your pocket to make or answer a call. It is quite a nuisance and unsafe as well.

Taking your eyes off the road to check for even a single second can be the defining moment for you while driving. With your magnetic cell phone holder, your Smartphone is held securely at your eye level. It makes it much easier for you while you are behind the wheels. Aside from holding your phones in place, magnetic cell phone mounts also provide good security your expensive gadgets.

With your magnetic cell phone mount, you can conveniently and easily see your phone without having t reach out.

Tips On How To Choose The Best Magnetic Cell Phone Mount

The following tips will help you when you are faced with the challenge of selecting a good magnetic phone mount.

It should be easy to install

Yeah, very true, the ideal phone mount ought to very easy even for novice like me to quickly install. I don’t have to spend cash looking for an expert on this one.

Has a firm grip

A good magnetic cell phone mount must be able to maintain your Smartphone in position without no wobbling or slippage at best. In other words, the security must be top notch/

Protection from any or of scratches

There are some phone mounts that comes with a rubber or silicone feature that protects your phone from any form of scratch.


Go for those cell phone mounts are compatible with most the iPhones, Android phones, GPS devices, Tablets, just to mention but a few.

List Of The Best Magnetic Car Mounts In 2019

The Koomus Pro CD-M Universal CD Slot Magnetic Cradle-less holder for all iPhone and Android devices

This is simply the best that you can find in the market anywhere in the world. It is very easy to use and install. All it takes is you to push a button and slide it into the CD slot and you are good to go with this one. Let the metal plate be attached to the back of your Smartphone case or inside of the Smartphone case or at the back of your phone directly. You will then attack your Smartphone into the magnetic head and then everything is set. This particular product goes for $20 on Amazon, so you can always have a look at it.

The aLLreLi Magnetic cell phone mount

This particular product is specifically designed for iPhone XS Max, XR 7,8, 9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S8plus the Note 9 and 8, and lots more in that category. This product kes your phone clearly visible and completely secure at all times. Just like the Koomus Pro CD-M, it is also quite easy to install in your car. The thing you need to know about this particular product is that the magnetic plates will prevent any form of wireless charging for your phone. Once you have removed and adhesive mount, you can’t reuse it.

Before you remove the metal plate, please warm with a hair dryer, then you use dental floss to lift and detach it. The price tag is about $12 on Amazon.

The Maxboost magnetic car mount

Also a good buy if you ask me because it is multipurpose. You can actually attach your Smartphone to any flat surface in your car, kitchen, or even your bedroom. The price is $10 and this is what makes it more interesting. It comes with a strong design, strong magnets, and is very easy to install.