September 27, 2021
Bluetooth Headsets guide

10 Best Bluetooth Headsets: Your Buyers Guide (2019)

Enjoying your favorite music on your mobile phone is always can be made better with the right gadgets. This article provides you with a number of wonderful and great choices to make when buying Bluetooth headsets. Let’s check out some of these wonderful Bluetooth headsets. Here are our best picks for the years and do well to make your choice amongst them for I am certain you will ne trilled.

Top 10 Bluetooth headsets

Plantronics voyager 5200

Most of the available Bluetooth headsets you see in the market have just two or three microphones, but the particular headset is on a different league of its own with four microphones. It provides you with unparallel call and music quality. In fact, you really need to go check it out. It combines its noise cancellation with Plantronics proprietary WindSmart technology to mute any distraction coming from the background. It also come with a smart sensory technology and voice recognition that automatically answers, ignores, or rejects a call.

Price $82

Plantronics voyager legend

Most of its controlling units are behind the ear and it is built in a special way not to interfere with your wearing of glasses. The controls include the volume rocker switch, power button, and the cal button. It also features the smart sensory technology which can answer calls automatically when you place the headset on your ear. The Plantronics voyager legend has a crystal clear sound that is enhanced by noise-cancelling technology.

Price: $58

· Plantornics Voyager Focus UC

By appearance, it looks very different form the others and appears more like a traditional headphone. The only difference between this and the traditional headphones is that this one was

built with your comfort in mind. It comes with a soft padded over-ear earpieces that won’t make you go mad to get them to sit comfortably. There is also the thin boom mic that extends out and can be swiveled away when you are not using them.

Price: $159

· Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset

This one is specialized for calling and it serves wonderfully well. Although it does not support listening to music, it allows a crystal clear call even if you are in a very noisy environment. It comes with a 4X noise-cancelling microphone which blocks out any background noise. It pairs easily with up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and callers can go as far as 20 feet before the connection starts to diminish.

Price: $20

· Sennheisre presence-UC

It features a far superior sound, al thanks to their proprietary HD Voice Clarity Technology. Your call will be as clear as it can be with the services of this high definition technology. It doesn’t just end at the user’s angle, even at the other end of the conversation. The presence has three microphones unlike the conventional two that many has. Its ActiveGard feature will detect and neutralize sounds that may be dangerous to the ear due to their high pitch.

Price: $188

· Samsung level U Pro

It might not strike you as the Bluetooth headset you had I mind, but that’s actually the purpose for creating it in the first place, to make a difference. The flexible urethane joints and a lightweight, ergonomic design make it fit comfortably and easily around your neck. It can connect to any Bluetooth compatible Smartphone or tablet and can double duty as a musical headset too. You can buy on Amazon

· LG Tone Free Headset

It features a different version of the around the neck headphone bar that includes buds meant for running , but on the Tone free set actually removes the wire altogether. You can wear the two buds independently of the band and they can be put right back into the band for safe storage and for charging them well.

Price: $65

· BlueParrott B550-XT

This can be a great pick for you as a truck driver or a long distance traveler, noisy environment, while working with your hands. It brands itself as the world’s first 100-perfect voice-controlled headset. It also comes with a decent range of commands and quick access to your phone’s voice assistant. It can be purchased on Walmart.

· The multipurpose Huawei TalkBand B5

You can buy this device on It functions as both a wristwatch and a Bluetooth earpiece. You can change it from a wristwatch to a Bluetooth with just a single push of the button. A triple-core audio chipset enables you to make clear calls in HD audio and the dual-mi noise cancelling reduce background noise.

· Jebra Stealth Bluetooth Headset

It comes with a GPS that allows you track your headset with a reasonable long batter life. It is equipped with a noise blackout dual-microphone technology for the reduction of background sound or noise and it is also supported for music streaming. You can buy on Amazon for $75

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