May 28, 2022
Phone Accessories For Movie Lovers

Must-Have Phone Accessories For Movie Lovers

Yea, this one is for you movie lovers that enjoy relaxing watching movie on your phones. In this article, I will list the essential phone accessories for movies lovers. In fact, there has never been a better time to have to enjoy streaming videos on your Smartphone than now. There are many options for you to select from. You most probably know someone that enjoys watching movies with their phones, or it might even be you. Here are some great gift for your movie loving friends and yourself if you are a movies lover too.

 In this list, we have tried as much as possible to compile phone accessories that will enhance mobile video streaming for you. These phone accessories are in no particular order and each one of them will make a great difference for you as a movie lover.

Phone Accessories For Movie Lovers

Long lasting power bank

As a movie lover, you must have known before now that watching videos consumes a lot of battery. It is often very annoying to stop you video half way in order to boost your battery power or charge your phone. This is where your power bank will come in handy to boost your phone battery. Getting a long lasting power bank with at least 5000mah will be a good start. So, if you have a friend that enjoys streaming videos on his or her, getting a power as a gift will be greatly appreciated by him or her.

An extra storage space

Movies and videos often consume your phone memory, thus making your Smartphone system to be very slow and quite irritating. As you increase the number of videos on your phone, your storage space pays the price as well. Many mobile phones have the option of adding an SD card for additional space. You can always go for this micro SD cards to free up additional space on your mobile device or more videos. It is important that you know the kind of phone your movie lover has because not all phones are compatible with microSD cards.

For instance, iPhones don’t support micoSD cards. However, it is also possible to add additional storage space for your iPhone. The SanDisk’s iXpand flash drive is a quality Lightening drive that comes in different storage capacities. For Android phones that lack the microSD support feature, SanDisk also have similar solution to that of the iPhone. You can actually make use of USB Type-C or micro USB connector that comes in different storage capacities.


Maybe the person you are want to get a gift doesn’t have a headphone jack and he or she is a movie lover, you should consider buying this dongle for your friend. The dongle allows you to connect a pair of traditional headphones.

It might look like a joke for a gift, but the person is definitely going to thank you later when he or she starts to enjoy the quality listening experience that dongle provides.

Good external speakers

Headphones might be the better option when enjoying a movie, but not everyone enjoys the feeling of having headphones on for a couple of hours. So, if you are such a person or your friend is, you can consider connecting your pone to external speakers for clear and powerful sound. The Bluetooth speakers often provide better sound to sound speakers.  They deliver high quality audio that you definitely won’t experience with phone speakers.  

Are you the type that enjoys filling your room with the video sound, accessories like the UE Boom 3 allow you to connect multiple speakers and synchronize the audio.