May 28, 2022
Mobile Phone Car Mount

Important Tips To Consider Before Buying Right Mobile Phone Car Mount

There are many mobile phone car mounts out there in the market; the problem is always with getting the right one for yourself. In this article, I will try to help you identify the things that you must look out for before buying any mobile phone car mount. It is not a good practice to text or call while driving, although most people don’t see it as such.

You might run into an accident while attempting to pick up an important call with your hand. To help you remedy this situation, investing in a good quality mobile phone car mount that allows you make use of the phone hands free would be a great buy. There are lots of options to select from, so choosing the right one is always very tricky.

Here, I have summarized the factors that you must consider before buying your mobile phone car mount.

Tips You Should Consider Before Buying A Mobile Phone Car Mount

The price

I am always of the opinion that in everything you purchase in the market, make sure you have your budget in place. So, when it comes to a mobile phone car mount the first you must consider the amount of money you have for it. There are many of them in the market with different features as well. Before you settle for anyone, make sure that the price falls with your budget. This is to ensure you don’t spend the amount that will leave you with regrets in the end.


Protecting your phone should be a top priority. So, on this, you need to go for the cell phone car mount that will securely hold your phone in place. A quality and good phone mount should be made of a high-quality plastic material, rubber, or even glass. Any phone car mount that loses it suction during the hot or cold weather should be avoided.

A mount that is fitted with a magnetic back plate can be a great for people that don’t want to use the back case of their phones. Bear in mind that a cell phone mount with a rubber coating ensures that your phone or car is not damaged. The ability to enjoy a distraction-free driving while having your phone around depends on buying the right cell phone car mount.

The ease of use

A mobile phone car mount is useless to you if it is not easy to se when you are behind the wheels driving. A good and easy to use phone mount should keep your phone at eye level. Ensure it does not block your visibility if you decide to mount it on the wind shield. There are states that their laws don’t permit you to install a phone mount on your windshield.

A good phone mount should allow you easy access to your phone without covering important buttons. It must permit you to access the phone while the vehicle is on the move in order to put the caller on speaker so that your both hands are on the steering wheel.

The design and features

This is also an important factor that you ought to consider when buying your cell phone car mount. It all depends on the design that you choose. There are some phone car mounts that also double as a charger for your phone. So, before buying anyone of them, ensure that the features that you desire are there and that they are equally functional.

You can go for the ones that have specific size ranging from small, medium, to large category. There are the adjustable ones that has been designed to hold multiple brands of cell phones. Bottom line is, always know what you want and then go for it, provided it is within your budget.