September 27, 2021
Cell Phone Battery Pack

How To Choose Cell Phone Battery Pack

Battery packs, also called power banks are an indispensable purchase for anyone that really wants to enjoy the services of his/her smart phone. Every day, Smartphone manufacturers continue to innovate on the size and portability of Smartphone with little attention to the longevity of the battery.

Are you always running short on your cell phone battery and in desperate need of a lasting solution? I must tell you that you are in the right place. There lots of these battery packs in the market today, this article will guide you on the best way to select a cell phone battery pack.

Tips On Selecting Your Cell Phone Battery Pack

The size and capacity

On a general note, the bigger the battery pack, the higher the capacity and the quantity of port that you will get. The power banks that comfortably ft into your pocket are typically good for a full charge or a maximum of two but not above that. Most of the smaller batteries that maximize portability often have a capacity that is with the range of 3, 500 mAh and below. This simply provides you with just enough charge to top your phone once.

There are battery packs that allow you to charge laptops and can power your Smatphoen up to 10 times over. Such sizes are often not portable and can only be carried in a bag. So, when you choose you battery pack, know what you need it for so that it will be easy for your to make your choice.

The input and output ports

The type of port that a battery pack has will determine if it will be compatible with the device that you want to charge. It also determines the charging speed as well. Most of the battery packs we have today come with a standard micro USB ort for the input and a USB-A port of the output. Currently, most of the phone companies are adopting the USB-C standard, hence you will often see a USB-C port in the battery pack in addition to the USB-A.

The speed of charging

This is another important factor to be put into consideration when you need to purchase a cell phone battery pack. You measure battery output in both the voltage and amperage. The amperage is the amount of electricity flowing from the battery pack to the phone device, while the voltage is the amount of potential energy.

When you multiply the voltage with the amperage, it gives you the wattage, which is the measure of the total power. To increase charging speed, most phone manufacturers try to vary the voltage or increase the amperage to increase the total wattage.

Check the pass-through and wireless charging

The pass-through charging allows you to charge phones that are connected to the battery while the battery pack itself is also being charged. This feature can come in handy when both your mobile device and your battery pack needs to be charged.  The wireless charging battery pack allows you to power up compatible phone devices without the need for a USB cable. All you need to do is rest the mobile device on the battery pack.

The Qi is the dominant standard that you will always find in compatible Apple and Samsung phones and there are some battery packs out there that definitely support it. Basically, when you are searching for a phone battery pack, first understand that they come in different sizes and shapes with varying capacity.  With that at the back of your mind, it will be much easier for you to know how to chose your cell phone battery pack

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