September 27, 2021
Cell Phone Camera Lens

Cell Phone Camera Lens Buying Guide In 2019

Are you looking a good cell phone camera lens? It is advisable that you do quality research on the best Smartphone camera lens. Currently, there are lots of Smartphone lenses in the market and a great number of them are not good at all.

In this article on Smartphone lens buying guide, I have provided you with details and information that will help you when buying Smartphone lenses. Here are some of the things to consider before buying a phone camera lens.

Guide To Buying Your Phone Camera Lens

How is the phone camera lens constructed

The first thing you need lookout for when buying a phone camera lens is the construction if the lens. Is the camera lens well constructed? The quality of construction should be your first consideration. One thing that is obvious Smartphone is that many of them are lacking quality lenses. The best quality lenses come with multiple elements with multiple coatings. These coatings and elements help to ensure that your images are clear and as crisp as possible.

They always come in handy when you want to eliminate distortion thereby giving you clean and beautiful images that are sharp, detailed, and full of contrast.

How easy to use is the lens?

The question you need to ask yourself is this, is the cell phone camera lens easy to use? There are some lenses that will give you a truck load of problems before you can make use of them. You wouldn’t want to put your money into a product that will bring you so much inconvenience. So, if you are going for a phone camera lens, make sure you understand the functionality or how the lens works. That should be your basis for buying a camera lens.

How versatile is the Smartphone camera lens?

Versatility is another important factor you need to put into consideration when buying a Smartphone camera lens. There are many phone lens manufacturers that ad a couple of variety to improve your photos. So, when next you are need of a phone lens, find out other things that you can also do with the lens aside its primary function.

By now you must have known that not all Smartphone lens are made equal, some are far, more classy than the others. When you go shopping for Smartphone camera lens, have it at the back of your mind that there are lens that are versatile and can be a beauty to use.

Some Of The Smartphone Camera Lens You Should Consider

The moment Wide lens for iPhone, Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy

With a size measurement of 18mm, the glass quality of this lens is simply awesome and exceptional. With this lens, you can see twice as much as what you saw initially without the moment wide lens. Another good thing about this particular lens is that works with premium models in the phone camera range. If you have an apple phone, Google pixel, or a  Samsung Galaxy, there is a great chance that Moment will work excellently.

Olloclip Add-on lenses

This is a great lens in terms of quality and the lens range falls into three categories that include wide, macro, and telephoto. The lens also has three different levels of quality, intro, essential, and pro. It comes with multiple kit configurations which include up to three lenses in each package. You can easily attach any of the lenses easily to the specific pones or universal phones through the Connect X Lens

The price of these lenses ranges from $30 to $100 or more, it all depends on the specification you want and the features on them.

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