September 27, 2021
Tripod Mounts

Best Smartphone Tripod Mounts In 2019

Looking for that great Smartphone tripod to improve your phone snaps and get better pictures? Well, here comes your guide to achieving your desired goals when it comes to Smartphone snapshots. Currently, most of the mobile phones that we have are at the vanguard of camera technology. You can take the iPhone 11 as a case study; this phone has three great cameras attached to it. Such caliber of phones definitely needs a tripod to have the best from them.

Although most of the cameras now come with pack optional image stabilization to smooth out any unwanted camera shake, more stable support is still needed nonetheless. Whatever you want to do with your camera, the result is often much better when you attach the phone to a tripod support. I know what’s going through your mind at this moment, how do I use a tripod that huge for my small Smartphone?

There are currently many ultra-compact tripods on the market designed specifically for mobiles or cell phones. The best tripods often come with the tripod legs being just 20cm long. This means that you can actually them into 500ml water bottle. So, you can see that they are relatively very portable and can even support the traditional camera in case you need such versatility.

Tips On Choosing The Best Smartphone Tripod Mounts

You need to understand that every Smartphone tripod mount is only as god as the features that it comes with in the first. In today’s world the manufacturers of phone tripods understand the fact that the phones in use today are much wider than those used couple of years ago. So, every good cell phone tripod must accommodate even the widest of XL+ or other maximum sized devices. Some of the best cell phone tripod mounts include the following:

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit

This simple but well constructed tripod contains all the basics that you would need from a very good tripod mount for cell phones. The tripod mount comes in a length of 26cm, maximum height of 24.7cm, maximum load of 1kg, weight is 215g, and a phone holder. This product has been available for several years and has built a reputation for good quality and affordable price. You can get it on Amazon between the price ranges of £28 to £30.

The Joy GorillaPod Mobile Rig

This particular tripod has the ability to hold much more than your Smartphone alone. It is more of a stick figure than a tripod as a result of the arm-like feature on either side of the phone holder. With such features, you can mount a compact LED light or a separate microphone to help your improve or boost the quality of your footage. The very flexible legs allow you to effortlessly and seamlessly bend or adjust it to any angle for the set-up. You can even decide to simply wrap the legs around objects like railings for extra variety in shot compositions and framing.

The mount makes use of a single knob to secure your phone and always to switch between the vertical and horizontal positioning. This is an option that many mounts doesn’t have. The price on Amazon is £89.

Joby Grip Tight PRO TelePod

This is arguably the love child of Mini tripod and the selfie stick. The problem with most of these mini tripods is that you need to support them on a table for extra height. With the help of its telescoping centre column that extends as high as 79 cm, the height is never a problem. It is often not the best phone support when your one is balancing high up. On the hand, you can hold your phone can use the TelePod as a monopod support to balance your phone level when recording panning shots.

The price for this product on Amazon is within the range of £75 to £90.a

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