May 11, 2021
Cell Phone Holsters With Belt Loop

Best Cell Phone Holsters with Belt Loop (2019)

Cell phone holsters are portable cases that you can use t carry your cell phones from one place to another. The main work of the cell phone holster is to protect your phone from water, scratch, or loss. When you have your phone inside the holster and around your waist, it is less likely that you will misplace it. You need to start seeing your phone as an investment that ought to be protected.

Now is the best time to get the needed protective cover for your mobile phone. No more dropping it to the floor unknowingly or worrying about the scratching the screen. You need to start taking care of your phone the best way you can. This article provides you with the best cell phone holsters that you can get for your phone. Now, let’s look at them one after the other to know the ones that will suit our taste and protect our phones properly.

List Of Best Phone Holster With Belt Loop

The Carhartt cell phone holster with belt loop

This is a great product to start with. This particular holster is made of a heavy duty fabric with rain defender durable water repellant to keep your phone protected and accessible at the same. Judging by the size, it is large enough to hold even the largest of phones, whether with case or no case and keeping it close to be accessible when needed. It comes with a versatile hook and loop strap on the back securely attacches o any belt and allows the holster to be carried either in horizontal or vertical orientation.

Every Carhartt cell phone holster has a large webbing strap attached to protect your cell phone while it is in the holster. All Carhartt work bags, packs, and gear come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. You can get it from Amazon at $13

The USA GEAR Flip phone case holster with belt loop

It is made from a durable and highly flexible neoprene to resist moisture, scratch, hard impacts, and bumps. The padded design is made from neoprene fabric that resists wear and tear to ensure that your phone is well secured and protected. It can stretch to accommodate most of the flip phones easily and you can wear them on your waist. You can order yours from Amazon for a price range of $15.

The Evocal Tactical Carrier with belt loop and holster

Evocal tactical carrier with a belt loop and holster is designed for maximum reliability and performance. Constructed from a durable nylon material, it holds a strong form but flexible enough to accommodate many different devices od different sizes. Due to the nylon material that is made of, the Evocal cell phone holster with belt loop withstands the stress of rigorous activity without tearing.

It also comes with a multiple carrying option that gives you the choice of either wearing it in horizontal or vertical position. It has a pen holder that might come in handy in those moments you least expect. You can also use the built-in dual riveted metal clip to quickly attack or detach the pouch from a belt or [pocket. You can also get it for a going price of $10

The Hengwin iPhone 7 plus, 8 plus, 6 plus belt loop holster

This is made of high quality leather and hardware designed to protect your phone. It comes with a manly appearance that suitable will suitably match your everyday attire. The high quality hardware ensures that your cell phone is protected and well secured as well. It is built for mobility and provides you with options on how to carry them.  The holster case is for every activity whether formal or casual events, outdoor travels, etc. You can get from it Amazon at $21

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