September 27, 2021
Cell Phone Charms

10 Best Cell Phone Charms in 2019

Cell phone charms are charms that you can connect to your mobile phone device via a small strap, a plug-in tube that fits into the jack port. Some phones may actually have a loophole through which a strap can be attacked or phone cases may be required for the strap in phones that doesn’t have a loophole. The Japanese call it the “keitai straps.” Currently, phone straps have become a cultural phenomenon that goes beyond their basic utilities and maybe themed with different and famous characters like the Hello kitty.

You phone straps can also serve the additional function that may include screen cleaning and so on. The phone charms began in Japan and were later introduced in the United States. Currently, they are gradually becoming popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland too. There are varieties of cell phones charms available, especially in 2019. There are little figurine characters, rhinestone crystal charms, and small teddy bears.

There are certain cell phone charms that flash or light up immediately a call comes to the phone. There are certain charms that have a small bell attached as well as others available in Gashapon machines and many of them are based on characters from different popular franchises like video games. Some cell phone charms require that you put on the finger to clean the device’s display.

Top 10 Phone Charms in 2019

SHANSHUI Phone Lanyard with 2 in 1 detachable neck strap silicone holder

SHANSHUI is a company that specializes in mobile phone cases from China. They have been in the business for 13 years with experiences in design and make all kinds of phone cases as well as tablet cases and have got a very good reputation in mobile phone case industry. The SHANSHUI phone lanyard is very popular with all lifestyles including busy moms and dad, children, hikers, crock climbers, construction workers, bickers, fishermen, executives, and business people. You can get them from Amazon at $8.

Big Mango Crystal Rhinestone Owl Anti Dust Plug Stopper

This product helps you to prevent dust from gaining access to your mobile devices through the headset jack. This plug will fit every device with a headset jack of 3.3mm. It gives your device

an extra style with its unique design. It is compatible with Apple iPad, iPhone, HTC Samsung Galaxy, and Nokia Mobiles. You can purchase from Amazon $6.

The iPhone Charger, MFi Certified Lightning Cable

This magical cord makes charging easy and very safe. It comes with a high purity and copper wire that makes the charging of your phone stable, synch, and charge your phones at fast speeds on your lightning devices. The selling point of this product is a faster charging time while making sure that your device is safe and secure. It is sold for $9.97 at Unlimited Cellular.

GTONEE 20PCS Bundle Colourful 7 Inch Duration Nylon Hand Wrist Strap

The product comes in a lightweight and is durable, and so easy to connect with a fixed Lariat. It comes in a portable and secured enough to protect your device around your waist. It is very suitable for hooking up most digital devices like camera, cell phone, iPod, Mp3, Mp4, etc. sold at Amazon for $6

The Penguin Leather Fish

This is a perfectly crafted and genuine leather earphone jack accessory. VANCA is arguably the leading leather-crafts manufacturer in Japan. This company’s creation is very unique and highly exquisite to a fault. The products become more beautiful with age. It is sold for $16 on Amazon.

The Foneleash 3 in 1 Universal cell phone lanyard neck wrist and Hand Strap Tether

The same way you need a seat belt to protect yourself from injury is the exact way your cell phone needs protection. This is where the Foneleash 3 in 1 Universal cell phone lanyard neck, wrist, and hand strap come in. it gives your phone the protection it needs while you are busy with your work. It goes for $14 on Amazon

IUKUS Mini Phone Fan

The electric fan is compatible with iPhone X, Xs, Max Xr 8 7 6 plus devices. You simply plug and play. It is easily adjustable, super quiet and can rotate 180 degrees and very convenient to use. You can get this wonderful product from Amazon $8.

10-Pack Paracord Hand Wrist Lanyard

It comes with a connector that allows for quick release and it is fully adjustable for all wrist sizes that include J-hook, quick release buckle, and button-style spring-loaded adjustable cords lock. You can remove the quick-release buckle from the metal J-hook while the wrist strap is still attached to your key, backpack, camera, cell phone, slide fastener etc. The price is $10.

Lucky cat Smartphone cell phone charm

This beautiful plush yellow and orange cat mobile phone charm is handmade from decorative fabric and comes in different colors. It is well sewn and built to last a long time. You can decide to use it for an earring or pendant; it’s all your choice. This anti-dust earphone plug can be used in iPhone, iPod, iPad, HTC, Samsung, and Android phones. The going price is $10

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